Be a part of our 2018 Golf-A-Thon and Make An Impact for kids in need! February 2nd, 2018


May 16th, 2018 

At NorthStone Country Club
15801 Northstone Dr, Huntersville, NC 28078





What is a Golf-a-thon?

It’s fun, unique and simple: 36 golfers playing 100 holes of golf in one day for charity. Kind of like a “walk a thon”, the golfers will be requesting pledges based to how many holes they play or flat value donations. Our goal is for each golfer to raise $30 a hole, or a total of $3,000 in pledges for the cause.

How can I participate? 

To sign up, please contact

Are sponsorship packages available? 

To see the different sponsorship levels and/or unique sponsorship solutions, please contact

Brody Thompson Foundation Playground – Sliding with smiles February 2nd, 2018

The Brody Thompson Foundation was started to memorialize Jay and Amy Thompson’s son Brody, who passed away in a tragic accident when he was only two years old. In the short time he has was on this earth, he impacted so many people.



Brody was born on December 31, 2011 in Mooresville, NC at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center. He was a complete ray of sunshine to all whom he met. There was never a person big or small that didn’t witness his glowing smile and contagious laughter.

The ultimate goal with the Brody Thompson Foundation and the creation of the Brody Thompson Memorial Playground is to provide a positive influence on the community and to preserve Brody’s lasting impression. The playground will be a safe and uplifting space for children to play and interact with each other. For more information on the Brody Thompson Foundation, please visit

2018 Flint Playground Project February 2nd, 2018



  • In 2016 our #FlintKidsPlay Team built one playground at Berston fieldhouse.
  • 2017 we doubled our impact with playgrounds at Hasselbring and Broome Park.
  • How will we Make An Impact for the kids in Flint 2018?

Stay tuned for more information or join our Impact Team and contact Matt at


Our partners include the United Way of Genesee County, The City of Flint, Community Foundation of Greater Flint, FOX66, NBC25, Flint and Genesee Chamber of Commerce, and Keep Genesee County Beautiful.


Make An Impact Foundation partners with Artisan Signs and Graphics for My Corporate IMPACT July 24th, 2017

The Make An Impact Foundation is excited to announce its recent partnership with Artisan Signs and Graphics with our My Corporate Impact Fund.  Artisan provides custom visual branding and marketing solutions through signage, graphics, apparel and promotional products.  They pride themselves on providing premium-quality products and professional services that set their clients apart from their competitors.  Their mission is to help their clients succeed.  They work with corporations, homebuilders, churches, large companies, small businesses and even local artists to develop stunning, high quality projects.

Having Artisan Signs and Graphics partner with the Make An Impact Foundation allows them to make a positive impact through volunteering and sponsoring community-oriented projects for charitable organizations, churches and schools.  The foundation appreciates their willingness to impact lives through the work we will do together.

“With the help of Make An Impact Foundation, we are excited to combine our money and resources to partner with Caterpillar Ministries to provide support and aide for children in our local community.” – Kim Crosbie, Artisan Signs and Graphics

The mission of Make An Impact Foundation is to promote the education and well-being of children. We identify children in severe need (homeless, poverty, etc.) as well as those with learning needs, emotional needs, disabilities or disease, and create opportunities to produce change in their lives. Our vision at MAIF is to meet the needs of children by identifying worthwhile projects, empowering project champions, and finding donor partners to help meet each need.


If you would like more information on how your company can partner with MAIF, please contact

MAIF announces hiring of Joe Hernandez as My Corporate Impact Coordinator July 17th, 2017

The Make An Impact Foundation is pleased to announce its recent hire of Joe Hernandez, who will join the Make An Impact team as a My Corporate Impact Coordinator working from Cornelius, NC. Within this role, Hernandez will introduce Make An Impact’s current projects to businesses and help them to develop their own philanthropic outlet by establishing a My Corporate Impact Fund.
“I have realized more than ever the importance of being a part of an organization that values enhancing the lives of both children and the community they are a part of.  My desire is to impact a community and corporation like the Make An Impact Foundation through the work we do together.  The most important things in life are not the things we create but the people with whom we create them.” – Joe Hernandez

Hernandez comes to Make An Impact with almost two decades of extensive experience in marketing and branding, graphic design, web development, fundraising, arts administration, sales, recruitment, children/youth in education, mentoring, directing theatre for non-profits, along with being a professor for middle school, high school and higher education.  His contributions to the organizations he has previously worked with have fully prepared him for his position at Make An Impact and we are confident he will continue in the success that we have had here at the Make An Impact Foundation.

The mission of Make An Impact Foundation is to promote the education and well-being of children.  We identify children in severe need (homeless, poverty, etc.) as well as those with learning needs, emotional needs, disabilities or disease, and create opportunities to produce change in their lives.  Our vision at MAIF is to meet the needs of children by identity worthwhile projects empowering project champions, and finding donor partners to help meet each need.

If you would like to schedule an interview with Joe please contact him directly at 


Where Do You Find Your Energy? June 21st, 2017

Outside of food, water, exercise and sun – Most of the time we are focused on completion of tasks which give us energy in our lives.

If you live in a world where EVERYTHING is a “work in process” as we often do in business succession planning strategy, we have to find our energy in important steps instead of the lifetime of the work as we don’t actually live the entire life of our client everyday – however, our focus must consider the client’s entire life.

That said, I find energy in transformational change that considerably increases the value of the business owner’s legacy for their families (either emotional increases/time increases/$$ increases).  Sounds nice, but what does that mean?

An example of a win that gives me energy occurs when our team and I walked through a major life event with a client while we worked to develop a goal, as a team we developed steps to achieve it, and we achieved it as a team.  In reality, those are not our own life events to achieve but we are FORTUNATE to get to live vicariously through the lives of our clients as if they were our own – we must do this so that we can do our part to achieve the best results for them.  What a blessing that really is for the work we do. We are very fortunate to be a part of the lives of our clients.

A more specific example – client has a desire to give significant $$ to a charity near a liquidity event – Energy comes from the identification of this desire as part of the team, it comes from establishing a smarter way to achieve that goal (the articulation of a strategy that accomplishes the same goal but saves just as much in taxes as the gift made to charity for example), it comes from the team alignment with our client (listening, sharing, deciding next steps) and from the follow-up to confirm that the plan was executed successfully – charity is happy, the client is happy, and the team is happy

Other examples of sources of energy –

Energy for me comes with the witness of a teammate stepping into growth and trying something new, but trusting the process and the direction provided and finding their own way to get where we are going.

Energy for me comes from the witness of young children finding a growth path that is different from what they could have.

I like to be a part of a team, I like to be around people working toward a common goal, I like to see people learn and grow and develop, I like to see people turn disadvantage into growth…… sounds like I really get my energy from My Purpose…  I might suggest that Energy starts there….  PURPOSE!!

Dale Gillmore, June 2017

Friends of Make An Impact – June Newsletter June 8th, 2017




On April 27th – 30th, six boys from the greater Charlotte area took part in our Upward Mobility mentoring trip to Washington D.C.. It impacted their views, relationships, life goals and families by seeing and experiencing a world they had never been exposed to. J was one of the boys. Here is a thank you note from his mom:

“Thank you for taking time out to get to know my son and take him on this trip of experiences. He is one of my many blessings. He truly enjoyed the experiences and look forward to the mentoring. At the moment he is in his room playing on his keyboard. Thanks for opening his eyes wider to the opportunities out there. He says he can’t wait to attend Howard University. He is very determined!” – J’s Mom.
The trip to Washington D.C. was our first successful phase of the Upward Mobility Project. Our board member Antonio Evan’s will now continue the journey of transforming the kids’ lives through long-term mentorship.

Six young men’s lives were already impacted and we can’t wait to make a greater impact, reach more youths and change more lives. Help us to continue the impact by becoming a sponsor or joining our team of mentors. If you can dedicate 1-2 hours a week and live in Anson county, Mecklenburg county or the Lake Norman area please contact for more information.

Upward Mobility in Salisbury 
We have partnered with Power Cross Ministries to impact the youths in Salisbury. Power Cross’ mission is to spread the life-changing word of Christ into our community, reaching out to young men and their families through athletics, academic support, Christian discipleship and character building activities. For the last 9 years, Power Cross has been extremely successful in the Statesville community and is taking their successful model to Salisbury, offering a young man 3-day camp June 15th – 17th.

To help support this incredible endeavor please visit:

EDU Healthcare’s Community Impact
How would you feel handing in your coffee-stained homework written with a dull pencil while the person next to you has the perfect matching school supply set with binder and several pencils to choose from? 250 children will receive STEM kits with rulers, pencils, graph paper and a scientific calculators to be well equipped just as their classmates thanks to EDU Healthcare​ and their impact through the Classroom Central​ volunteer event!

You can become a part of this impact by donating at:


When Passion Makes An Impact 
On May 15th our board member John Stanford and 15 other passionate golfers raised over $16,000 through our first annual Make An Impact Golf-a-thon. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved in making this a great success, we loved having you aboard!

You have a project or an event idea you are passionate about? Contact and we will see how you can join our team and make an impact for kids in need.

Making an Impact for Dale’s Hometown 
Following last year’s successful playground build at Berston Field House, we are partnering with several other organizations to build two more playgrounds for the children of Flint! Thank you to Flint Child Health and Development Fund of the Foundation for Flint and United Way of Genesee County for kickstarting this event with their financial contribution to the build as well as FOX66, NBC25 and CW46 for their in-kind marketing support. Join the voting and pick your dream playground design for Broome Park and Hasselbring Park:

Empowering children to overcome generational poverty February 9th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 7.36.32 AM

As our philanthropic community prepares to deploy strategies to effect generational poverty we need to understand what core causes we need to attack to prepare for success.

Many of our charitable organizations efforts to collect toys and do nice things for children which is also a core focus of our charity make donors feel good but might not be the issues we should really focus on.

I want to share our perspective on what statistics show to be the most important items to consider when we are focusing on empowering our children to overcome generational poverty:

Access to early childhood education and preschool – our My scholarship impact can help kids get early education which is key to their development

Access to quality life and career readiness opportunities – our My upward mobility projects can help middle school to post secondary kids to gain experiences that will allow them to develop networks and experiences that can create vision for their futures

Parent engagement – the ideal would be two parents married living in the same home – clearly that isn’t always the case and several of our families aren’t in that place but if we can find opportunities to maintain 2 parents nurturing engagement in their children’s activities regardless of the family situation studies show the children have more opportunity and confidence in their futures – we have not established any initiatives here but we will be compiling a list of groups to lift up

Parent readiness – the ideal would be not to engage in activity that would lead to childbirth – clearly that isn’t always the world we live in but engagement of parents, doctors, education in the late elementary to post secondary stages of childhood is important and there are preferred birth control methods that statistics clearly show can prevent unprepared pregnancy – we have not established any initiatives here but we will be compiling a list of groups to lift up

Trust bridges – we are segregated by income, race, wealth, capital, education, etc. To do anything about this communities that need to be lifted up will require trusted community leaders to connect to engaged intentional leaders that are not from the community to impact change.  All of our initiatives and those of any other organizations we would lift up will need to develop plans to make sure we can impact change in those communities that create opportunity that will empower parents, children, community members.  My corporate impact allows our corporations to be creative and nimble as they participate in our attack of generational poverty.  Our churches and other charities need to stay focused in the same way.

Business – hire for skills and not for resumes wherever possible to each the underemployed in underdeveloped communities

Government – policy changes – not a core focus of our work

1) continue to focus on criminal justice disparities by race as we continue to miss black fathers to help with generational poverty – including sentence terms based upon “race”, lighter sentence terms for non violent crimes, etc.

2) Affordable housing – we need more opportunities and we need a plan that doesn’t oppress criminals that have already served sentences but allows them to be part of the community again

3) deal with the benefits cliff and allow the empowerment of our parents to continue to progress in their careers with a gradual reduction in benefits as they pursue a working affordable wage

Dale Gillmore, February 9, 2017

I’m choosing PURPOSEFULness. Will you? January 2nd, 2017



As the end of one year closes and the beginning of another year kicks off (and being a middle aged 40 something)….. I find myself refocusing my plans for the coming year to be more in focus with my purpose in life. After a yearend breakfast meeting with my partner, it struck me that our Mission, Vision, and Values are great yet we have more work to do for the entire team to get excited about where we are going as a firm. With more thought and good advice from other wise leaders – I realize that the purpose I follow is the same as my partner’s in business, the purpose I follow is the same as my servant leaders in Charity, the purpose I follow is the same as my Partner in life… Woven through all of this is my God in Christ and the Love I have for him and all people. If I am constantly working toward his purpose, why am I not reminding my teammates (My wife and family, my partners, our employees, our board members, our donors, our project champions, our vendors, our friends, our referral partners, our sponsors) of our common purpose!#$???

In family, my highest purpose is to be a good husband and a good father – serving their needs, encouraging their desires, leading by example, and supporting their leadership and initiatives

In business, our highest purpose is to lead other business owners to plan and execute on their financial future

In charity, our highest purpose is to help empower others in the effort to build paths of opportunity and to empower underprivileged children

In society, our highest purpose is to convene all people, love all people, and to share life experiences to build bridges and open doors

So my 2017 will be more PURPOSEful 😉 What is your purpose?

Dale Gillmore, January 2, 2017

Charitable Gifts of Appreciated Assets December 14th, 2016





As we come to the end of the year and a business owner is thinking of selling their business within the next year or two, it might be a good time to declare a gift of appreciated stock or assets to charity.

Also, if there is ultimately a gift that you would make for charitable intent and charitable purpose but yet you don’t know exactly what that intent or purpose currently, you potentially could give the appreciated asset to a community organization or community charity that could process that gift in a donor-advised fund allowing you flexibility to direct your gift at a later date to whatever charitable purpose you are passionate about.

Gifts of appreciated assets provide double benefit as you get a tax deduction for the fair market value of the asset and you don’t recognize gain that may be inherent in your asset. Income-tax driven and estate-tax driven benefits are a plus with the charitable intent following the succession plan that you might be looking at deploying.

If you had a charitable intent to give anyway upon your sale, as long as you maintain control of your decision making and your process as you walk through the sale of your business, these might be great decisions to be made now while you are waiting to figure out how you might go about selling your business.

Just a good year-end reminder.

Thanks for everything. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Dale Gillmore, December 12, 2016