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EDU Healthcare

About EDU Healthcare

EDU Healthcare provides health services to educational systems in all 50 states. We partner with our clients to deliver services to meet the needs of their special and exceptional student populations. We know first-hand how important it is for students to receive the educational health-related services in order to grow and develop in their educational plan. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in delivering these services to the school systems. We work with many public and private school districts in meeting their therapy, nursing, and special education needs for their students. We act as a strategic partner to our clients by acting as an extension of their organization. Together, we have the same goals and objectives as one another. The way we execute our goals and objectives is through ongoing communication and teamwork to provide the quality educational personnel to serve communities where we operate. We attract, retain, and manage our staff who are at the center of our organization delivering these services. Providing quality services is what we strive for with every single client and student.

We ensure that the services being delivered to our clients are of the highest quality. We seek quality healthcare professionals who have the background, education, and experiences to provide great services to the students we are serving. Our management of these services continues throughout the duration of the program by our careful review of documentation and communicating schedules and outcomes to the client administrators. Ongoing communications are provided throughout the placement and updates and reports on services are provided. We expect to deliver our services through coordinating the delivery of services and schedules to meet the needs of the students, monitor and report on the status of the overall services and communicate results as needed, facilitate meetings and conferences to ensure transparency of services are being delivered and resolved, meet quality review standards through performance objectives and reviews, and address any other services issues as they arise.


EDU Healthcare has partnered with the Make An Impact Foundation to promote the education and well-being of children in need. Giving back and serving others are a part of the values and founding principles that EDU Healthcare stands for. This is our opportunity to give generously with financial contributions that will be used to carry out our philanthropic initiatives with serving children in need.