My Corporate Impact

My Corporate Impact December 2nd, 2016


How is your company making an impact?

Building your company culture starts with your big “why.” You may give to various charities, but have you connected to why you give? There’s the obvious reason that it builds your company’s reputation of integrity which is 40% of what attracts clients. Conscious choices of which non-profit you give to and WHY you connect with them will in turn be giving yourself the bigger gift.

This is the glue that keeps good employees and has proven to reduce turnover by 50% in corporations who have a social responsibility program. Productivity increases by 13% & revenue by as much as 20%. (Project ROI) You and your “work family” will feel physically healthier and have lower stress levels when you volunteer together. This can be an effective way to cultivate critical business and leadership skills, such as communication, goal-setting, project management and evaluation.

MOTIVATE your employees, ENGAGE your clients & partners and GIVE BACK to your community with your big WHY!

by , My Corporate Impact Coordinator