I’m choosing PURPOSEFULness. Will you?

I’m choosing PURPOSEFULness. Will you? January 2nd, 2017



As the end of one year closes and the beginning of another year kicks off (and being a middle aged 40 something)….. I find myself refocusing my plans for the coming year to be more in focus with my purpose in life. After a yearend breakfast meeting with my partner, it struck me that our Mission, Vision, and Values are great yet we have more work to do for the entire team to get excited about where we are going as a firm. With more thought and good advice from other wise leaders – I realize that the purpose I follow is the same as my partner’s in business, the purpose I follow is the same as my servant leaders in Charity, the purpose I follow is the same as my Partner in life… Woven through all of this is my God in Christ and the Love I have for him and all people. If I am constantly working toward his purpose, why am I not reminding my teammates (My wife and family, my partners, our employees, our board members, our donors, our project champions, our vendors, our friends, our referral partners, our sponsors) of our common purpose!#$???

In family, my highest purpose is to be a good husband and a good father – serving their needs, encouraging their desires, leading by example, and supporting their leadership and initiatives

In business, our highest purpose is to lead other business owners to plan and execute on their financial future

In charity, our highest purpose is to help empower others in the effort to build paths of opportunity and to empower underprivileged children

In society, our highest purpose is to convene all people, love all people, and to share life experiences to build bridges and open doors

So my 2017 will be more PURPOSEful 😉 What is your purpose?

Dale Gillmore, January 2, 2017