Make An Impact Foundation partners with Artisan Signs and Graphics for My Corporate IMPACT

Make An Impact Foundation partners with Artisan Signs and Graphics for My Corporate IMPACT July 24th, 2017

The Make An Impact Foundation is excited to announce its recent partnership with Artisan Signs and Graphics with our My Corporate Impact Fund.  Artisan provides custom visual branding and marketing solutions through signage, graphics, apparel and promotional products.  They pride themselves on providing premium-quality products and professional services that set their clients apart from their competitors.  Their mission is to help their clients succeed.  They work with corporations, homebuilders, churches, large companies, small businesses and even local artists to develop stunning, high quality projects.

Having Artisan Signs and Graphics partner with the Make An Impact Foundation allows them to make a positive impact through volunteering and sponsoring community-oriented projects for charitable organizations, churches and schools.  The foundation appreciates their willingness to impact lives through the work we will do together.

“With the help of Make An Impact Foundation, we are excited to combine our money and resources to partner with Caterpillar Ministries to provide support and aide for children in our local community.” – Kim Crosbie, Artisan Signs and Graphics

The mission of Make An Impact Foundation is to promote the education and well-being of children. We identify children in severe need (homeless, poverty, etc.) as well as those with learning needs, emotional needs, disabilities or disease, and create opportunities to produce change in their lives. Our vision at MAIF is to meet the needs of children by identifying worthwhile projects, empowering project champions, and finding donor partners to help meet each need.


If you would like more information on how your company can partner with MAIF, please contact