Where Do You Find Your Energy?

Where Do You Find Your Energy? June 21st, 2017

Outside of food, water, exercise and sun – Most of the time we are focused on completion of tasks which give us energy in our lives.

If you live in a world where EVERYTHING is a “work in process” as we often do in business succession planning strategy, we have to find our energy in important steps instead of the lifetime of the work as we don’t actually live the entire life of our client everyday – however, our focus must consider the client’s entire life.

That said, I find energy in transformational change that considerably increases the value of the business owner’s legacy for their families (either emotional increases/time increases/$$ increases).  Sounds nice, but what does that mean?

An example of a win that gives me energy occurs when our team and I walked through a major life event with a client while we worked to develop a goal, as a team we developed steps to achieve it, and we achieved it as a team.  In reality, those are not our own life events to achieve but we are FORTUNATE to get to live vicariously through the lives of our clients as if they were our own – we must do this so that we can do our part to achieve the best results for them.  What a blessing that really is for the work we do. We are very fortunate to be a part of the lives of our clients.

A more specific example – client has a desire to give significant $$ to a charity near a liquidity event – Energy comes from the identification of this desire as part of the team, it comes from establishing a smarter way to achieve that goal (the articulation of a strategy that accomplishes the same goal but saves just as much in taxes as the gift made to charity for example), it comes from the team alignment with our client (listening, sharing, deciding next steps) and from the follow-up to confirm that the plan was executed successfully – charity is happy, the client is happy, and the team is happy

Other examples of sources of energy –

Energy for me comes with the witness of a teammate stepping into growth and trying something new, but trusting the process and the direction provided and finding their own way to get where we are going.

Energy for me comes from the witness of young children finding a growth path that is different from what they could have.

I like to be a part of a team, I like to be around people working toward a common goal, I like to see people learn and grow and develop, I like to see people turn disadvantage into growth…… sounds like I really get my energy from My Purpose…  I might suggest that Energy starts there….  PURPOSE!!

Dale Gillmore, June 2017