Bless-A-Child by EDU Healthcare & Bright Blessings

With your help we will be able to provide gift sets for 500 homeless children through our Bless-a-Birthday program.


Your donation will help to make an impact for 140 homeless babies & toddlers through the Bless-A-Baby program.



EDU Healthcare has partnered with the Make An Impact Foundation to promote the education and well-being of children in need.  Join in and Bless-A-Child by donating to the Bright Blessing's
Bless-A-Baby and Bless-A-Birthday program.


Bright Blessings is a volunteer-led, 501c3 nonprofit organization serving the greater Charlotte region.  Thanks to the helping hands and hearts of our volunteers and supporters, the programs of Bright Blessings will bring joy, care and hope to more than 5,000 homeless and impoverished children this year. 



"Every baby deserves a positive start to life.  The Bless-A-Baby program brings help and hope to homeless and impoverished babies by providing for their emergent health and well-being.  Every Blessing Basket that we prepare and deliver is tailored to the needs of each individual child and provides all of the new basics that baby needs. Soft blankets, fresh clothing, diapers and wipes, critical healthcare items, feeding supplies, educational materials and more—these gifts of love and support fill each and every basket." 



"When I received my Blessing Basket I was overcome with joy and relief because earlier that day I was feeling so down and uncertain, but now for the first time I am hopeful." - Homeless expectant mother, domestic violence shelter




"The Bless-A-Birthday program brings a message of joy and positive recognition to homeless and impoverished children whose special day may otherwise go unnoticed. For transient homeless students, our birthday and care packages are delivered anonymously to local schools. Elementary age students receive birthday treats to share with classmates, giving them a chance to feel confident and a sense of normalcy among peers. Middle and high school students receive a birthday bag with supplies and special sweets to take ‘home’ and celebrate with family.  All students served also receive new presents, books and academic supplies, healthy snacks, as well as a care & comfort set."



"Getting a birthday package meant so much to me because I know my mom can't afford it even though she wishes she could, but it felt so good to know somebody else out there cares about me... all of the special notes made me feel loved." 
- Transient homeless middle school student