Ebeling Elementary

Every child deserves a happy and safe environment

We will Make An Impact at Ebeling Elementary School and bring support, love and smiles to the kids by creating a unique playground with and for the students and PTA.


"The mission of our school is to provide a nurturing environment committed to achieving excellence.  All students are challenged to reach their maximum potential by gaining a solid foundation of skills, knowledge, and values.  This foundation enables each student to become a resourceful thinker and successful lifelong learner."


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Replacing the existing slide would upgrade the equipment with a state of the art play event.  As shown in the picture, the old original slide does not incorporate any of the safety features now required, and we wish to provide a safe and engaging play area for our children. 

The other structures we hope to replace look fine in the photo, but upon closer inspection are worn from age.  The platforms on the larger structure have rusted through, and are unsafe for climbing upon.  While the ‘workout’ area is fairly intact, it is not often used by the 600 students at Ebeling due to the fact that it contains mostly bars and posts.  It is typically used as a place to sit and rest, not as an active part of their playground experience.  Replacing this with the proposed play events would rejuvenate our entire playground, and serve over 600 students annually, while solidifying our school grounds as a hub for families in the surrounding community!



All images are example drawings and subject to change.