Power Cross


The investment needed for one participant at Power Cross Annually:
(transportation for the students included)
Meals - The average young man eats 8 meals per week at Power Cross. Over 400 meals in a year. The average cost for facilitating a meal is $5.00 per meal. (That includes the food, the labor, the paper products) 
Total Meal Cost $2400.00
Academic Support- Young men receive academic support and tutoring 4 days per week 11 months out of the year. This program cost to facilitate completely depends on the number of volunteers we have engaged.  Our primary cost here comes in labor for the tutors. In addition, we provide school supplies throughout the year.
Total Academic Investment $1800.00
Athletic Development- Power Cross provides all equipment, uniforms, and training for young men to participant in Wrestling, Basketball, Football, and Baseball.
Athletic Development Investment $2300.00


  • Your donation of $6,500 (= monthly donation of $542) provides a full scholarship for one student in the 2017/2018 PC program
  • Your donation of $3,250 is a half year investment in one student


- help us sponsor these precicous kids and support their goal to aim bigger and achieve more in life! Any amount brings one of these students one step closer...



"Teach your children to choose the right path, and when they are older
they will remain upon it."


Mission Statement
To spread the life-changing word of Christ into our community, reaching out to young men and their families through athletics, tutoring, and character-building opportunities. To provide a “gang” of Christian brothers with whom to walk through life. To teach young men how to use the tools which they have been blessed with to build and glorify the kingdom of God.

The Power Cross organization currently works with over 250 young men from multiple schools in Iredell County.

‚ÄčThe Power Cross program offers the following opportunities to help in shaping the lives of our area youth:

  • Transportation to and from athletic practices and games.
  • League entry fee sponsorship
  • Athletic Equipment for the sport they are playing
  • Athletic Teams in basketball, flag football, baseball, wrestling, and tackle football
  • One on one athletic skills development
  • Speed and Agility training
  • Academic tutoring
  • Free Summer Athletic sports camps
  • Bible Study and Discipleship Training
  • Character building exercises
  • Incentive trips
  • Free Meals daily
  • Year Round Backpack Feeding Program
  • Goal Planning
  • College Planning
  • Scholarship Information
  • College Visits
  • A group of positive role models to help guide the path of these young men.

Less than 50% of African American Males graduate from high school.  The graduation rate for student athletes in Iredell County is 98%.  Power Cross considers itself to be a athletic college preparation organization.  Each of our teams is conducted with the same goal of providing the best training to each participant that will provide them the greatest chance of partaking in athletics in high school and beyond.  In addition to athletics Power Cross instills the importance of maximizing ones potential academically.  Learning proper study techniques, and setting academic goals and standards for each participant helps to better prepare our players for high school and college.  Most importantly to our organization, is helping young men to grow spiritually by having a closer relationship and walking daily with God.  Each week our players have mandatory Bible studies and character building activities.  At Power Cross we believe each young man deserves the same opportunity to excel using the abilities they have been blessed with.  Power Cross is 100% free to all participants.

Research shows that most young men who are involved in gangs have the desire to be a part of a group. Many of the young men fighting in the school and on the streets just have a competitive spirit, and need an outlet for their intensity. With Power Cross we hope to offer young men an alternative to the gangs and trouble that they find on the streets. We work with young men from many different economic backgrounds and home lives. When your on the playing field, opportunity should  be level as your working together as a team. Athletics have the ability to bridge the social and economic gaps between young men. A single year’s group of high school dropouts cost North Carolina tax payers $169 million dollars in lost revenues, Medicaid, and prison cost.