STEAM+M for Statesville

The Make An Impact Foundation and Local Sharing Tree
are collaborating to support education for children in our community!

- and YOU can help us!


The Third Creek Elementary School in Statesville, NC, is a Title 1 School in Iredell County.
Over 85.5% of the studends are economically disadvantaged.

Please join in and help these wonderful kids to develop their unique skills
for a bright future!


What is STEAM+M and why is it so important for our children?

STEAM+M education includes the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics + Music department.

STEAM+M helps the children to develop great skills such as communication, patience, perseverance and healthy scepticism. It also empowers them to solve problems on their own and in a  team. 


Help us to support the Third Creek Elementary School in Statesville and empower the children to find their passion in the STEAM+M field. 


Especially during our North Carolina spring and summertime, where days can get really hot, we want to help the teachers protect their students and still be able to give them the opportunity of being outside. A shelter and wheelchair access would be a neccessary addition to Third Creek's outdoor area.

Teachers will use the shade area to have outdoor learning sessions with their students. This would enable students to explore and learn in a natural environment. Education should meet mental and physical needs. Allowing the children to have outdoor lessons will help them calm down and de-stress, which will support their mental health.


We are also looking to provide 4 learning tables with benches. If this sounds like a task you would like to take on or know of someone who would like to contribute materials or his/her time, please contact


To be a part of this great cause, please donate through our website
or visit to find your deal and support this project!