Upward Mobility Project

"To do something Extraordinary 

We must first do what is Required"

- Antonio D. Evans



This project is designed to give young men (Freshman and Sophomore High School Students) from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to:

  • gain experiences
  • learn about entrepreneurship
  • visit museums 
  • visit secondary educational institutions
  • partake in serving others


Trips to historical and inspiring cities will allow the boys to see a different side of life but our goal is a continued mentorship! 


On April 27th – 30th, six boys from the greater Charlotte area took part in our Upward Mobility mentoring trip to Washington D.C.. It impacted their views, relationships, life goals and families by seeing and experiencing a world they had never been exposed to. J was one of the boys. Here is a thank you note from his mom:

“Thank you for taking time out to get to know my son and take him on this trip of experiences. He is one of my many blessings. He truly enjoyed the experiences and look forward to the mentoring. At the moment he is in his room playing on his keyboard. Thanks for opening his eyes wider to the opportunities out there. He says he can’t wait to attend Howard University. He is very determined!” – J’s Mom.

The trip to Washington D.C. was our first successful phase of the Upward Mobility Project. Our board member Antonio Evan’s will now continue the journey of transforming the kids’ lives through long-term mentorship.

Six young men’s lives were already impacted and we can’t wait to make a greater impact, reach more youths and change more lives. Help us to continue the impact by becoming a sponsor or joining our team of mentors. If you can dedicate 1-2 hours a week and live in Anson county, Mecklenburg county or the Lake Norman area please contact Tina@MakeAnImpactNow.org for more information.


If you and/or your business is interested in providing this life-changing opportunity for a child in need, please donate now!


For additional information please contact Tina@MakeAnImpactNow.org