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You know where you want to go. Getting there is the difficulty.  That’s where we come in.  Quest is an independent business advisory firm dedicated to helping business owners reach their goals and prepare for transitions.  By focusing on the drivers that will increase business value and personal net worth, we help business owners realize liquidity goals in transition.

Our ultimate goal is to send forth business owners with all the knowledge, tools, and ongoing support they need to enact change in their organizations.  By leveraging our services you’ll advance your goals — whether your focus is on individual career development, team empowerment, succession planning, igniting growth, or overcoming any of the numerous challenges your business is facing.

We help our clients realize opportunity, value, and a path forward through inventive, smart solutions that deliver measurable growth — guaranteed.

Quest is dedicated to improving the lives of underserved children.  10% of gross revenue and time is donated to children in need through the Make An Impact Foundation. Our passion is to connect underprivileged kids to the business world and community.


“Partnering with Make An Impact Foundation through the My Corporate Impact Fund is an amazing opportunity to participate in projects and events that directly impact the children of our community. To watch them take your ideas and passions and turn them into these wonderful, impactful events has been truly inspiring.”


“I’m thrilled Quest integrates philanthropy into its business model to support MAIF causes that I care about that are serving kids in need in communities around the country.”


“Quest partnership with the Make An Impact Foundation allows our team to give back to underprivileged kids in our community and help facilitate opportunity and change in their lives. Through our My Corporate Impact Fund I look forward to continually supporting and empowering kids in need.”


“I think it’s important to know that other than serving business owners our blood, sweat, and tears are going towards eliminating road blocks for kids.”