How Can You Make an Impact

My Corporate Impact Fund

My Corporate Impact Fund was created to give corporations a philanthropic outlet for their companies and employees using their own brand identity without having to create their own charitable foundation. Donors will establish their own corporate fund at Make An Impact Foundation and choose projects they wish to fund that align with the criteria of the MAIF mission. This is the perfect way to motivate employees to volunteer their time and/or money to projects there are passionate about and in turn Make an Impact in their community.  In addition, corporations and their employees may “give” to projects that are posted under Support on the MAIF site.  

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Samaritan’s Feet has partnered with Make An Impact Foundation in several US markets, to distribute new shoes and socks, while providing hope and encouragement to children in need.  We have partnered together in Flint, MI; Salisbury, NC; Huntersville, NC; and in Charlotte, NC.  We are anticipating continuing our partnership with MAIF for years to come!

Terry Tolbert, Executive Director, Development - Samaritan's Feet

My Impact Fund

My Impact Fund is a philanthropic vehicle created to give donors an effective way to submit projects they would like to fund or help fund. Individuals will submit their proposal for funding and provide the initial donation. They will become the donor and project champion. Once accepted and vetted the My Impact Fund Project will be posted on the MAIF website and others will be encouraged to help give until the Project is fully funded. All of that aside, My Impact Fund is a three step turnkey opportunity for individuals to Make an Impact in their community.

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