Project2Heal was a project providing Labrador Retrievers to service dog organizations in turn helping children with special needs and wounded warriors. 

From Charlie Petrizzo, Founder, Project2Heal:

“We purchased a van with the grant from Make An Impact Foundation. The van is used to transport pups and dogs in training to and from venues where they need to be trained, or to the vet. It is also used to transport the pups to schools or assisted living homes to interact with the residents, or to transport pups to organizations to which they will be donated. We just did a trip to Indiana with pups that are donated to ICAN. In the past, that trip would have taken some managing, but now because we have a van with flexibility for either more or less seating—and more or less space for crates—the trip was very easy for both us and the puppies. The van gives us the capacity to do things with our dogs and pups that we simply couldn’t do before, because of a lack of the specific type of transport we needed.  Now, it is easy for us to load up three or four trainers and four to six dogs and go, as we please. This allows us to get the pups out and about much easier, and it saves us time and money, allowing more trainers to get out at one time.”